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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How far in advance should I book my appointment?

2) What kind of stuff can you haul away?

3) Can you transport my things from one place to another?

4) Why can't you give me a quote on-line or on the telephone?

5) If I'm not on-site, can you still do the job?

6) Can you work after hours?

7) What kind of equipment are you going to bring?

8) How large is your truck?


How far in advance should I book my appointment?

We work fast to get everyone serviced who wants it, and most jobs will take two to four hours to complete. Some more, and some a little less.

If I am already busy working on a scheduled job, then I will be unable to provide same-day service. If you need same-day service, there is a $40 fee. Give me a call, and I'll see if same-day service is possible.



What kind of stuff can you haul away?

We can take away most anything. Examples of some items include

Things I cannot haul away include hazardous material or toxic waste.




Why can't you give me a quote on-line or on the telephone?

I can give an approximate price over the phone, but without seeing the job, I don't know how many truck loads the job will require.

My free job consultations are only by phone, and if you want to book an appointment for me to come out, I'll charge a $27 minumum service fee, which will be deducted from the price of the job if I am hired. This fee does not adequately compensate me for my time, but it helps keep the less serious minded callers at a distance. If they can't afford or aren't willing to pay this fee then they probably cannot afford -- or are not willing to pay my prices either.

On location estimates are sometimes necessary if you cannot describe the job accurately, or if you somehow feel better if I come out to look at te job.

You must keep in mind that just coming out and looking at the backyard or job site does not guarantee a specific price. Since I charge by the truck load, I cannot guarantee you a specific price. My opinion is just an opinion as to how many truck loads the job will take.

Although I would love to drop everything and rush out to give each caller a free quote, this is simply impossible when it takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to travel to and from each job site. With all the callers I get, I'd never get much work done since Los Angeles is a large area and the traffic congestion is unbelievably bad -- about as bad as it can get on a national level.

Remember, that I am providing a professional service, and what you are paying for is my expertise, knowledge, experience, energy, manpower, tools, etc, so if all you are looking for is the lowest price, then I am probably not the right person to do your job.

Here's how it works: We sign an agreement stating that upon payment of the $27, you will be provided an estimate of the job, based on what you want done, how much, and when. Only if you do not hire me will there be a charge for me coming out.



If I'm not on-site, can you still do the job?

We can still do the job without your being on site, as long as we know exactly what items go, and what items stay. Although we prefer that you be there when the job is being done, it is not absolutely necessary. We realize that you may want to go out to lunch, may be at work, or want to go out of town for the weekend. We understand this, and can work around your schedule.

Of course, in such cases, you can make arrangements to leave the check or cash with someone you trust -- like a neighbor next door.



Can you work after hours?

We can do most any job, morning, noon or night. Night would be classified as 5pm or later. We've done jobs at 10pm to midnight before.

Why would someone even need to have stuff hauled away this late, you might ask? Well -- suppose you have a pile of debris in your front driveway and you have friends or relatives coming over the next day, early in the morning. You wouldn't want them to see this ugly junk pile sitting in front of your house, would you?

Of course not! So, we can get over to your place and remove it before they arrive the next day. We normally charge a premium for this after hour service, but we can certainly do it if you need it.

Some realtors need an item or garage cleaned out in a hurry before s howing property the next day. We can provide this service normally at a 20% premium above the regular price.



Can you transport my things from one place to another?

Yes. On occasion, a person will need a refrigerator, couch, or table hauled from one location to another. In such cases, we charge a miles fee, plus an hourly fee depending on how many laborers are needed. There is a two hour minimum.



What kind of equipment are you going to bring?

Our equipment includes truck, shovels, rakes, brooms, tarps, ropes, weedeater, and chainsaw. Basically, anything we need to perform each job in the fastest and most efficient manner possible is taken along.



How big is your truck?

When people ask me how BIG my truck is, I ask them how big they need it to be. We have various sizes, depending on the size and type of job you need done. Just call us, or email us with a description to get your FREE job consultation.