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Junk Removal Services

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Junk Removal & Hauling Services we offer:


Homeowners & Estate Cleanouts

We provide complete cleanout services including storage cleanout, estate cleanout, garage cleanout, liquidation cleanout, eviction cleanout, and home & business cleanout and more. We can also help you in case you need help hauling junk left by contractors after completing the job. Suppose you had some work done around the house or inside your house and the contractor left behind a big pile of debris such as scrap wood, sheet rock, ceramic tile, carpet. These guys don't usually haul away anything. They come and do the needed repair work or installation and leave you with the mess. Junk removal, Concrete Removal, Fence Removal, Contractor Debris Removal, Construction Waste Removal & Disposal, Rubbish Removal, Pruning and Tree Service, Weeding Leaf Removal, and Gutter Cleaning, Garage Cleanout, Attic Cleanout


Appliance & Furniture Removal

Get rid of furniture, sofa, couch, appliances, boxes, spa, jacuzzi, hot tubs and all other sorts of junk & debris left behind by the previous property owner. Before showing a home you'll want the items removed from the previous owner.

If you are buying new appliances like refrigerators, washers or dryers, you need the old ones hauled away. You may need a couch moved to storage or taken away. Or, maybe you want to get out of your apartment and into another one, but you need a bedroom full of boxed items moved to another location. Call us and we will give you a free quote for furniture disposal and appliance removal.

Clients hire us for old furniture removal, old couch pick up & disposal, appliance removal, old mattress removal, hot tub removal, etc.


Business Owners

Keep your business area clear and uncluttered by getting your property cleaned the same day. If you get a bin, you still need to hire the labor to fill it up, and finding the needed workers will cost you extra time and effort. Action E-Z Haul & Property Cleanout provides the required vehicle transport and labor you need to get rid of unwanted debris.

Warehouses owners have wood, sheetrock, metal, pipe etc. that need cleaning out periodically, or when moving to another location. Call me before your anticipated move or cleanup and I'll give you a FREE Job Consultation.


Concrete and Demolition Removal

Action E-Z Haul and Property Clean-Up has been providing friendly and reliable concrete removal services in the Los Angeles & Inland Empire area since 1988. Let us handle the breaking up and removal of those heavy concrete chunks, removal of concrete steps, driveways and more. You can try to rent a jackhammer and dumpster yourself, but do you really know how to handle that heavy machinery? Do you even want to take the risk?


Fire/Weed Abatement

Our guys come in and cut down tall dry weed or grass which could be a fire hazard. The Fire department is going to charge you a fine, but we can take care of it for you at a very fair price.


Tree Cutting & Stump Removal Service

Action E-Z Haul and Property Clean-Up provides tree cutting, tree removal and stump grinding & removal services in the Inland Empire. We are a friendly and reliable tree removal service & have been serving the Inland Empire since 1988.

Trees that are not very structurally sound, or with branches hanging over your property, can be dangerous for humans & for the property as well. We can help you make your property safe by cutting unsafe trees or pruning their branches. We also provide stump removal services. Call us and we will be able to provide a free estimate for your tree removal job.

Tree Removal Job

Experience has shown me that 97.3 times out of 100 the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer winds up paying more than expected in one or all of these areas:

  • Time spent to load the stuff
  • Money spent to rent equipment and dispose of it
  • Medical bills for injuries
  • Downtime from injuries
  • Not finishing the job because it just turned into more than you expected

All of which turns into frustration and typically makes the whole situation worse.

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